About us

The South Devon Ramblers is one of twelve walking groups contained within Ramblers in the Devon area. Walking with us provides walkers both young and old with opportunities to discover the sights and sounds of the area with a group of experienced and welcoming ramblers.

As members of the Ramblers, we promote walking, protect rights of way, campaign for access to open countryside, and defend the beauty of the country side in our allotted territory.

The South Devon Ramblers was founded in 1982. Our membership currently stands at 244 members. We organize walks within a wide radius around Torbay, thereby taking in coastal areas and adjacent countryside, the moors of Dartmoor, and the beautiful rural areas around the moor and to the east and west of the county of Devon.

Organized walks

Our Walks programme includes two weekly walks, one monthly walk for those who prefer shorter distances, excursions, and an annual walking holiday. Walks leaders are experienced walkers with appropriate navigational skills for the terrain.

Weekly walks

Our weekly walks are scheduled on Thursdays and Sundays. The Thursday walks are shorter in length, between 5-8 miles. The Sunday walks, between 8-10 miles, provide a more strenuous outing for members and guests.

Monthly walk

On the first Tuesday of every month, an Oh! So Easy Walk is organized to accommodate those who prefer a leisurely stroll followed by a pub lunch.

In the summer months, a monthly Teashop Walk covers about 5 miles and there is the opportunity to have a snack lunch, cream tea of similar at the end.

Excursions and Walking Holidays

In addition to our regularly scheduled walks, we arrange coach excursions, social events and walking holiday as well as navigational skills training.